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2009, oct
Zóna A microsite
web promoting animated video "Preco to tak vzdycky skonci" web
2009, aug
Expanzia web
web for, film and music creators. Web features variety of multimedia components and communication channels. web
2008, may
website promoting tv sketch show SKETCH UP! written by A.B.Pain and directed by Gejza Dezorz. 'spaghetti' visual concept by mr.Pain web
2007, jun
Miciky web
web for my little kitties did the trick. all kitties have been given away. Alexander attends university, Prometheus & Svetlana became farmers and Godzilla stayed at home with his mother, Elvis web
2006, summer
Fontana web
web for famous slovak ferret supaferret Julius von Fontana. web features his work, his life and his dreams web
dezolutky - a web of Dezorzovo Lutkove Divadlo - Dezorz's Puppet Circus. Go see the Clown with his 192 random figures (8 arms, 6 legs and 4 heads did the trick), randomness also used in sound-effects web
web design for gore band CRUENT.
Featuring gore-cola
2005, aug
indy loudspeakers production - web and corporate logo. webhosting cancelled after time, try to reach it here: web
2005, jan
ARLI v02
arli redesign and structure reorganization web
2004, mar
Martin Mlynaric: Fotografie (v02)
all-in-one-window gallery interface for photographer Martin Mlynaric web
2003, sept
Martin Mlynaric: Fotografie (v01)
web page for photographer Martin Mlynaric. uses 'gallery' interface with 3 opened browser windows web
Hornada: Chovna satnica (unrealized)
web for Lola's dogs breeding station, beautiful afghan Borzois web
2002, may
Agda Bavi Pain: Show & Hell
web for slovak writer, script-writer and copywriter Agda Bavi Pain web
2001, oct
Kluci & Tupci unofficial
web for creative agency web


2008, feb
Konie Sveta
magazine commercial
magazine commercial promoting controverse book Koniec Sveta/Judgement Days written by Agda Bavi Pain. full-page ad was published in VLNA urban magazine 33/2008. copywriter & artdirector: writer a.b.Pain himself print
2005, nov
Oci / Eyes
eyes are beautiful. eyes wear different shapes different colours. try to look into eyes of a person next to you... now print
2008, jul
Red Army
red army of red cats followed me this night (but who cares...) vector illustration, poster 2x0.6m (or every other proportional size, it's a scalable vector art) print
2007, jun
Cez Okno / Window Traveller
poster design
reviewing the future from the dark room print
2006, jun
Pyta?ky / Love-Making
a lonesome alien, fugitive from planet Ea Serjea came to Earth three years ago, hopefully searching love, universal quiet and peace. i shot this in Petrov Sad Park in Kosice where we met. next day we took a trip to a Vyhliadkova Veza to have some Sanberg. aEan is a fine alien, i hope he had found the true love here on Eden Earth and has some kids now... A3 illustration print
2006, may
Zly Sen / A Bad Dream
illustration featuring superferret Duso Fontana. A3 print
2006, may
Motorkár / This Cat Is Bad
graphic design
graphic design. model: my cat 'Kocur', also known as Elvis or Cica. A3 print
2006, jan
Pf 2006
it was a very exciting year last year. starving, withering, whipped by hungry majestics. finally, i survived... this card was sent to my companions only in pdf format this year, no prints. in the pdf i made use of the vector resolution independency (when seen on on screen) so it was possible to hide there a very very small text, the dialog between the two fishes. the fishes are talking exactly the way i was talking. including long silent solos. b&w print
My Hands
a tribute to our hands. A3 print
2005, autumn
Autoportrét / Self-portrait
digital collage
Every my work or idea goes through: 1.eye (or ear), 2.mind, 3.hands. Throughout all this workflow to retain an idea spirit it's a must to think in a way of current-used or final-output medium and its standards and rules. The featured self-portrait visualizes this creative-technical process. A3 color print
2005, summer
Pekarne & Cukrarne
cover designs
illustrations and package design for pound cakes, nodles and bread-crumbs. Various-sized packages. print
2005, feb
here i lived a long time ago. all of my dreams born here. screenshot of this dream originally taken 14.8.1978 2:30AM, digitally recovered 2005 >). A3 print
2005, jan
One Night Over My City My Over Night One
wide-scape poster
pf card. shooted from home roof at Kosice Kovacska street, 31.12.2004. wide-scape color poster, 1,5x0,35 m print
2005, jan
V novom Dveti roku, a to sice Pat... (pf 2005)
folding card
new year folding card, featuring me as a deinterested person, drawn at various mostly nervous poses, followed by simple wordings. includes a full-year calendar, but uses only first 13 days per each month to save the space on such a small card >). 199 x 53 mm unfolded print
2004, jun
the Age Of Heart and the Ace Of Spades
wide-scape poster
smoking is my love. love till death? wide-scape color poster, digital photo composition 1,5x0,35m print
2004, jun
a Talk
wide-scape poster
wide-scape poster, 2,5x0,6m print
2004, jun
Vzad! / Stand Back
poster series
we're hiding many things. it's funny to see such things. model: Ma Har Dzi. A3 collection print
2004, jun-jul
Pekelny fajciar / The Barathrum Smoker
poster serie
red&black fabric stylized into a two-colored face, fained by the ages of smoke and smoke and fire and smoke >) print
2004, jun-jul
the Standing Fish
fishes are cool. not much tlalking, not much expression in the face. maybe they could do much more if they could stand, not just swim. A3 print
2004, jun-jul
Dvoje svetov / Two Worlds
although in the middle of craze, there's nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. as this all down here might be an ending dream, if that all above will be real, reminds me that in this illusion of wake there is no time. so there is no place for fear. A3 print
2004, apr
Lolokar - Boxer
cd cover
cd design+illustrations, made for musician, guitarist, jazzman and performer Lolokar print
2004, mar
Rytier na Sídlisku / Agda was born
digital manipulation. 50x50 cm b&w poster, original photo by Jozef Gaal 1966, location Nad Jazerom print
2004, jan
Krá?aj týmto smerom / Walk This Way (pf 2004)
PF card , 9x5 cm. rear of a card has an empty square space designed to write there first letter of my name by hand, to give the card personal touch. rest of the letters were ordinary printed print
Devils Tattoo
tattoo illustration print
Gimme Eddie Till I'm Ready
double cd cover
cd cover+inlay illustration and design, booklet 4 pages, non-traditional packaging by A.B.Pain print
2003, dec
Nebeské Zaucho / Sky Slap
b&w brochure design
martin Mlynari?'s photo collection. brochure design. 185*235 mm, 12 pages print
2003, nov
Slnko a Noc / The Sun and the Night
special-shaped folder
folder illustrartion and design. 18 cm ragged circle, folder contains of 4 parts, for private school SZS Slobody 1 Kosice. from outside the folder looks like the sun, by opening it becames a "ball of night" with wings print
2001, dec
Tabakové papieriky
tobacco-paper covers
made for my best friends, a classics using a roll-your-own-small tactic to smoke some smoke. 7*2,3*0,5 cm 160 mg paper, 9 front cover modifications print


VVV logo design
logo design
logo design for a VVV lawyer agency move
2002, may
Dáma s Tetovaním / Lady with a Tattoo
poster iilustration
illustration. hand-drawn and vector combination. A2 move
Bruno under Sugar Water
b&w photomanipulation
arranged by Ludwo Burik. sugar used instead of bubbles. photo by Stef. inspiritualist on the photo: Bruno move
finding characteristic in letters layed not in ordinal order move
Parc des Princes stadion
iron maiden in paris, parc des princes 25.6.2005 move
t shirt s
shirt design
simple shirts designs move
HK logo
logo antrag
logo antrag fur Herbert Kunde Man's club move
hair under the lens move
Sailor and Lady
tattooed sailor?? stil better than old lady :) move
2005, jan
My heart, your heart...
poster design
no comment move
2004, mardi
logo for music production brand move
2004, feb
logo design for Gun.Ja music project move
2002, apr
objects move
Shish !
digital paint
painting on the wall digitally move
2002, apr
texture graphics collection
under influence of game design... sketched and digitally brought to life. you can find it tiled all at move




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