Rola // Rolling Images

Rola // Rolling Images

Rola // Rolling Images: image sequence gallery.

Rola, is online image gallery mechanism utilizing interactive, video-like handling. In it's simpliest form, user scrolls down the page and images swap one after another, creating moving images video.

While scrolling, many possible actions can be triggered, for example display additional information or launch animation at a specific scrolling position. It's dynamic gallery behaviour tries to improve the experience of browsing the images on digital screens and can easily serve as an image browser, presentation, gallery, slideshow, player or some type of stop-motion sequencing tool.

The scripting principle used in Rola was developed by award-winning german agency Hinderling Volkart AG. Agency used this concept in an interactive online tour, guiding you through one of the most vibrant streets of Z├╝rich and it was voted as the 'Site of the Year 2011' by the Awwwards Jury. Kindly, the technique behind the scrollable sequencing was revealed and the scripting wireframe breakdown is live online in a tutorial at

Rola was built using jQuery in a HTML5 environmet in 2012/2013 by slovak graphics and motion designer and is used as a photo gallery and image sequence player on his webpages.

Let's Rolla!


Autumn In Winter
Still Life
Rola // Rolling Images